Cheated, Bankrupt, Ready To Die

Dear Seeker of Success,

Please read this man’s true story.

If it doesn’t inspire you (it brought me to tears) then I have bad news: you’re dead.

Here it is:

Hello Genius,

Ross, in this Christmas eve, I just thought to take sometime to express my gratitude.

After my MBA graduation, while I was searching for a job. My father passed away… my childhood-close-friend cheated me in business… & he was found dead in a railway track… & I lost all the money I had & further I went in debt… & I don’t know how, but I lost all my (school & college) certificate somewhere – without which I wont get a job…

I guess, you know how bad it would be, if any one of the above happens in a person’s life. But for me it all happened one after the other within a month or two. It wasn’t pleasant. And you know what a hopeless & bankrupt person will think to do about his life…

But now, I have a decent job in Bangalore (Rs.33,000+ allowances /month – which is very rare even for someone with certificates in India) I got without any of the original certificates but with the help of the Persuasion seminar.

And I am emotionally stable with the help of meditation & magick practices I learned from you & Shinzen Young.

You changed the way I walk across the face of the earth.

Merry Christmas Ross!

Vishnu (From a small village)
Kerala, IN

PS: You can share this anywhere. Everything including my name & place are real.

I have nothing witty or even halfway clever to say.

I’m just going to grab my kitty cats, lay under the covers, and soak this all in.



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