Organization / Group Live Team Persuasion Mastery Training With Ross Jeffries


Do you want your team to stay motivated, double or triple your sales, and quickly learn from every experience so they keep on improving and keep adding to your bottom line?

RJs presents a fun, interactive, and most importantly skills and drills training that will teach your team

  • How to quickly and powerfully master the art of using vague language to create a frame of absolute enthusiasm and trust in their prospects, and build states of emotional excitement and desire that will double or triple their closings, conversions and sales.
  • How to find, maintain and grow the right kind of confidence, motivation and enthusiasms that will stick and last through the invariable ups and downs of selling
  • How to use the Neuro-Semantic art of reframing meaning and re-setting frames to make overcoming objections of any and all kinds laughably easy, without scripts, memorized and stale methods(that no longer work) and with a spirit of fun and enthusiasm.

Trainings are limited to small groups, and all applicants are carefully screened to insure your product or service is of genuine value and that you operate in an ethical way and offer genuine value.

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