My Saab Story – Or, Persuading Those In Authority To Do Your Bidding, Like A Boss

Persuading those in authority to do what you want them to do is the difference between zooming along through life, or having a sob story to tell about how the world’s out to screw you.

Well, I had a sob story.  Actually, a Saab story.

My Saab Had ME Throttled Because
The Damn Thing Kept Breaking Down

For the third time, the throttle body assembly failed on me and the engine just quit. They replaced the throttle body again, but I was concerned the car was not really fixed since the problem had occurred 3 times in the row, it couldn’t be the part.

Clearly, something else was wrong with the car.

The head of the service department told me there was nothing more they could do but that I could call Saab customer service. He then said I could speak with the Chief mechanic, Mr. X.

Mr. X explained that if the problem happened again, Saab would replace the computer that controls the engine. I said, “But I don’t trust the car and it is going to fail again. What if I am in the middle of the desert? I bought this car because Saabs are reliable and I want a reliable car. Now I know the problem will happen again.”

This guy has the power, the authority, to make me his bitch. Or, I could get him to do my bidding. The choice was MINE.

A guy just like this had the power, the authority, to make me his bitch. Or, I could get him to do MY bidding, LIKE A BOSS. The choice was MINE.

Mr. X said, “Sorry but that is Saab’s policy. If you leave the car we can run some more tests to see if we come up with anything more.”

I was getting sick of all this messing around.  Ready to blow a gasket.  But…

A Little “Puppet Master” Persuasion Magic Got Me
The Results I Really Needed That Day

I could have yelled or gotten in his face and tried to bully my way, but remember, the guy had the power to tell me to fuck off and send me through the Saab bureuacracy.

Remember: that day, this mechanic dude had supreme authority over Potentate of Persuasion Ross Jeffries because he could fix my Saab story – or not – depending on his whims.

See, most customers would have yelled at him and cursed him out – and suffered the consequences.

The better course of action was for me to say this,

“Look, this isn’t aimed at you as a person. It’s directed TO you in your role as the chief mechanic. When you take off that shirt tonight, it has nothing to do with you. It’s just that I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do. I don’t trust driving the car and I need you to help me. But if you can’t, I understand you don’t set policy and nothing personal. I understand you are doing your best.”

Then I just shook his hand and walked off and got into my car. He yelled out, “Wait a sec… FUCK SAAB. I’ll call the factory and order the computer. And I’ll put it in for free.”


I thanked him and offered him some money which he refused. I insisted, “You are a just and fair man. You could have left me hanging but you are doing the right thing and you deserve this.”

When I took the car back to get the computer put in, he not only did that, but he gave me a new battery for free; apparently the car battery was getting old and almost shot! AND, he removed some paint from my bumper that got on their from a hit and run driver in a parking lot!

How’s That For Persuading With Power…
Like A Boss?

My point: if someone is in authority, they are used to getting yelled at and attempts at domination. They are also probably used to “SAAB STORIES”… ha ha… begging and pleading.

If you point out that it is not about them, personally, but about their role in their job, then they can give in to you but keep their dignity and sense of self-respect, as now they are on YOUR side.


They probably don’t like the bosses anyway, so why push them to identify with the bosses / bureaucracy by attacking them and blaming for things they don’t control?

Would you rather “prove a point” that doesn’t really matter anyway, or powerfully persuade yourself a life where you get more of what you want, more often?



P.S. The most slippery, slick and effective method to use embedded commands and suggestions that no one else in the world is teaching – like I used to persuade the Saab service manager and get him to do things I didn’t even ask for – is a small slice of what you’ll uncover inside the “Puppet Master” Persuasion Mastery Blueprint.

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