Control Their Frames/Pry Open Their Wallets

Dear Persuasion Mastery Students and Fans,

pry-open-their-wallets-ross-jeffries-persuasionNowadays, when it comes to persuasion, you are either going to sink or soar, with very little room in between.

Here’s why:

Humans are, by nature, meaning-making creatures.

Consciously and otherwise, we seek to find out what things mean.

“Will this be harmful or will it be hurtful?”

“Can I trust this person or not?”

“Will I lose or will I gain?”

And perhaps most importantly….

“Is This An Attempt To Sell Me, Or A Powerful
Learning And Needed Education?”

Here’s the bad news:

Nowadays, no matter what media in which you communicate, your prospects will, at least 90% of the time, quickly and automatically see you through a frame of skepticism, distraction, doubt, even boredom.

And even if they start out in a more positive frame, it’s very likely they will slip into the “deal killing” frames of mind quite quickly, due to factors you have yet to learn about and don’t know how to control.

I don’t care how things used to work for you.

That was before the bank failures and bail outs.

That was before people started going broke in record numbers due to fraudulent investments.

That was before the huge growth of social media that bombards your prospects every second with so many marketing messages and so much distraction that even the best of them have the attention span and focus of a 10 year old.

(Why do you think that Youtube ads are less than 15 seconds long and always come with the option to skip the ad in 5 seconds?)

What Do You Think You Can Do
To Change All This?

How might you go about – in seconds – creating the frame that the very act of listening/watching/reading your message is something that they WANT to pay attention to, because the very act of doing it is of super-high value?

Free 15 minute Skype consult to the (in my estimation) best answer posted here (winner will be selected on February 13 at Noon Pacific and will receive an email).

Peace and piece,


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