Words Mean What You Want Them To: A Stellar Example Of A Meaning Reframe

Dear Persuasion Master In Training,

One of the core concepts and skills I teach at inside the Persuasion Mastery “Total Immersion” Boot Camp Video Series is how to reframe the meaning of any objections people might have to taking the actions you want them to take, whether it’s

  • forking over cash right now
  • signing a contract
  • hiring you or your team or
  • anything your greedy little brain can imagine.

Here is a profoundly great example of how doing this leads a crowd to take an action that has huge results.

Notice how Mark Antony, played by the immortal Charlton “Moses” Heston, completely reframes the meaning of the word “ambitious” from being about Caesar being a criminal tyrant, to being a friend of the common people.

Then notice the result.

Pretty damn good, huh?

And what can you say about a dude who was also doing Cleopatra?

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P.S.  This is just one of many examples of reframing meaning; in this case, it’s about cause and effect reframing.

Caesar’s ambition causes suffering to the common people becomes Caesar’s ambition massively benefited the common people.  I try to avoid these NLP jargonized categories, but they can be useful at times too!