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What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 2

What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 2


Dear Seeker of Success,

Yesterday, we explored together WHO can benefit from the Rintu Basu teachings we’ll be revealing in just two days (Thursday) and a few of the “20,000-ft view” benefits you will gain when you claim your access on Thursday.

Today we will be sharing a list (a long list, in fact) of specific benefits and outcomes that are yours for the taking.

First, let’s quickly answer what has turned out to be the #1 question we’ve been getting via e-mail:

It’s A 3-Hour Video, With Separate Audio Files For Your MP3 Player, PLUS A Complete Transcript

Watch, listen, or read.

Your choice.

Instant access upon registration.

Plus some bonuses you’ll see soon.

But for today, here is

A Huge List Of Just Some Of The Specific Gains You Will Obtain On Thursday

By then, you will have had the opportunity to visit this post a few times and imagine for yourself all the ways you’ll be benefiting even before the weekend.

This is a long list – and the best part, this isn’t even all of it:

  • Pre-framing your subject so you blow out any negative beliefs or agendas before you even start the conversation, meeting or presentation
  • Installing positive beliefs so your audience quickly comes round to your way of thinking
  • Generating massive motivation by eliciting values for groups and individuals and binding them to what you want them to do
  • Setting expectations in a way that people give you what you want
  • Controlling the frames of a conversation so it only goes where you want it to, whilst still letting your subject have the illusion of control
  • Long and short versions of “redefine patterns” giving you complete control and flexibility with how you apply your hypnotic language patterns
  • Using body language and tone of voice to control and switch conversations – creating smooth transition towards what YOU want to talk about, even if the subjects are wildly different
  • Using stories to covertly blow out fear of failure so you can get people to want to do more for you without worrying
  • Using stories to covertly set up time distortions and create huge motivations for a compelling future as well as blowing out past results that are holding them back.
  • The conversational belief destroyer pattern that takes away unhelpful beliefs
  • Covertly sensitizing individuals and groups so you can pick the most useful trance to put them in when you need to
  • The key components to making trance work so people go into the trance you want them in quickly and easily
  • Peripheral vision to control your negative emotions
  • Developing your sensory acuity to become a human lie detector
  • Techniques to increase your reading speed to over 1000 words a minute

As I said, this is just a partial list.

The rest I will share tomor-

Oh, The Heck With It – Here’s The Rest Of It!

You may want to print this out and circle the ones you want most:

  • Shift your body language to change a train of thought – helping people focus on what you want them to focus on
  • Creating anticipations loops to get your audience to hang on your every word
  • Using a personality profiling model to find people’s deepest unconscious values and desires and then dramatically motivate them by binding those desires to what you want them to do
  • How to develop your sensory acuity using values based questions
  • Learning how you can use any question asked of you to just supply what you want to tell them
  • Pacing and leading people to redirect their focus whilst making them feel it was their choice
  • Using sneaky body language tricks to build control and rapport with your audience
  • The secret of how to practice so you accelerate your hypnotic language skills development
  • Giving people the illusion of choice while staying completely in control
  • A tried and tested process to get a group to do almost anything for you
  • Using pacing and leading statements to covertly drop people into deep trance

PLUS these:

  • Using presuppositional questions to direct a conversation
  • An agreement frame that drops people into trance and motivates them to your goals
  • An anchoring exercise to create an irresistible, unstoppably persuasive personality
  • Using metaphors to covertly induce trance and install motivation to do what you want
  • One-line generic anticipation loops to use with people to instantly have them desperate to hear more from you. From these few examples you will be able to generate hundreds more that are more specific to your world and your applications
  • A process to embed commands in the middle of an anticipation loop so you are embedding covert post hypnotic suggestions
  • How to stack the deck, so whatever choice your subject makes they are always moving in your direction

Thursday Can’t Get Here Soon Enough…

I haven’t even gotten into the bonuses I’ve talked Rintu into adding.

Saving those for tomorrow.

Only so much “awesome” fits into one day.

See you tomorrow!



My Saab Story – Or, Persuading Those In Authority To Do Your Bidding, Like A Boss

My Saab Story – Or, Persuading Those In Authority To Do Your Bidding, Like A Boss

Persuading those in authority to do what you want them to do is the difference between zooming along through life, or having a sob story to tell about how the world’s out to screw you.

Well, I had a sob story.  Actually, a Saab story.

My Saab Had ME Throttled Because
The Damn Thing Kept Breaking Down

For the third time, the throttle body assembly failed on me and the engine just quit. They replaced the throttle body again, but I was concerned the car was not really fixed since the problem had occurred 3 times in the row, it couldn’t be the part.

Clearly, something else was wrong with the car.

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