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What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 3

What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 3


Dear Seeker of Success,

So, how about all that great stuff you’ll get from Rintu Basu’s course!

The doors open in less than 24 hours, and we still have to talk about all the bonuses I talked Rintu into sharing when you take action tomorrow (Thursday) at Noon Pacific when the doors open.

Let’s do that now.

The Persuasion Skills Black eBook.

This book lays the foundations for developing your hypnotic language patterns. It will show you how you can:

  • Develop huge amounts of skills in just ten minutes’ practice per day
  • Take control of your thoughts and focus them with laser like precision
  • Manage conversations, talk people into trance and get them to focus on what you want
  • How to use your body language to take covert control of a conversation
  • Plus a whole lot more

Take the Trance to Use Your Voice

Many baby hypnotists, numpty NLPers and junior persuaders fail to take people in and out of trance states, because they don’t know how to use their voice.

In comparison, all the great hypnotic persuaders can take people in and out of deep trance and emotional states just by using the sound of their voice. It doesn’t matter what they are saying, just how they are saying it.

In this twenty minute mp3 audio file, you will be shown exactly how you can use your voice and how you can develop the voice of a master hypnotic persuader.  If you love Sexual Sonics™ from the New Code, this is a natural next step.

The Unconscious Hello, Rapport on Steroids

In this eighteen-minute video recording, you will discover why lots of the NLP community have got rapport spectacularly wrong.

It also reveals how you can non-verbally take covert control of a conversation and develop magnetic charisma that is almost “cult building” in its effectiveness.

Conversation Management

In this forty minute video, Rintu takes you through a conversational model that allows you to give the participant the illusion of control over the conversation so it will only go where you want it to.

It gives you the opportunity to appear as a great wit and raconteur with massive charisma and knowledge, while all you are doing is taking people through some trance experiences and pointing the conversation to wherever you want it to go. This works with any conversation, personal, business, formal or casual.

Developing a Persuasive Personality

This forty-five minute video takes you through the exercise demonstrated in part three of the primary course, step by step. This video gives you extra details and dissects the process in a more precise way than a live demonstration could. By the end of this recording, you will have actively installed a massive persuasion personality directly into your brain – ready for you to use whenever the situation demands.

Hypnotic Story Telling

In this 40 minute video, you will be shown how you can easily start creating hypnotically persuasive stories from your life experience. You will hear how you can wrap all your embedded commands, NLP language patterns and emotional anchors into a hypnotic story – so that they become almost completely covert.

Metaphor Demonstration

In this hypnotic mp3 audio, you will discover how to take your metaphors, assemble them into covert trance inductions – while embedding commands and post-hypnotic suggestions into your listeners.

Hidden Hypnotic Motivators

This thirty-minute video shows you how to uncover a specific motivator for people. You will learn how this affects their thinking, their results and how to frame your language, so you are always appealing to them.

This is one of the most powerful deep unconscious motivating profiles – and a small shift in your language can bring massive results when you are aware of this factor.

Direct Hypnotic Feedback

The main reason many conversational hypnotists and hypnotic persuaders plateau at a very poor level is because they do not know how to give themselves high quality feedback. This thirty minute video will take you through all the tools and techniques you need to keep your hypnotic development accelerating.

After you have used your hypnotic persuasion skills spending less than a few minutes with your imagination will ensure that you have continual dramatic development. (Incidentally, this does not have to apply to just developing your hypnotic persuasion skills. This process will work for any skills that you want to develop.)

BONUS #10:
MP3 Audio Versions of all the bonuses that are videos

You really need to see the videos of these presentations for the diagrams, illustrations and models. But after that, you can embed the knowledge deeper by listening to them on your mp3 player when you are at the gym, driving home, or doing the cooking. Just remember though – some of these recordings are intensely hypnotic so don’t listen to them when you are doing anything that demands your full attention.

Also, there are patterns and covert persuasion techniques running through all of these videos so you could practice all the skills you have learned by creating your own deconstructions.

BONUS #11:
The Original Persuasion Skills Black Book Five Week Master Training Report

This is the collected version of the five-week Black Book email master training program in PDF form. It is packed full of new patterns, exercises and new ways of practicing. Used diligently, this report will show you hundreds of new ways of using and developing your hypnotic language patterns.

BONUS #12:
Free Upgrades for the Life of the Course

Rintu is constantly tweaking, changing and adding material. So long as the course exists you will be entitled to the latest version. In practice, what this means is that when he modifies the course he will send an email to you showing where you can download the latest version.


That’s an amazing bonus lineup.

Heck, I’d pay a thousand dollars just to get those bonuses – and they will be given to you at no additional cost when you invest in Rintu’s course tomorrow (which itself will be just a small fraction of that).

If you have yet to do so, go back and review who the course is for and what you’ll gain from it.

By tomorrow, you’ll be ready.



What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 2

What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 2


Dear Seeker of Success,

Yesterday, we explored together WHO can benefit from the Rintu Basu teachings we’ll be revealing in just two days (Thursday) and a few of the “20,000-ft view” benefits you will gain when you claim your access on Thursday.

Today we will be sharing a list (a long list, in fact) of specific benefits and outcomes that are yours for the taking.

First, let’s quickly answer what has turned out to be the #1 question we’ve been getting via e-mail:

It’s A 3-Hour Video, With Separate Audio Files For Your MP3 Player, PLUS A Complete Transcript

Watch, listen, or read.

Your choice.

Instant access upon registration.

Plus some bonuses you’ll see soon.

But for today, here is

A Huge List Of Just Some Of The Specific Gains You Will Obtain On Thursday

By then, you will have had the opportunity to visit this post a few times and imagine for yourself all the ways you’ll be benefiting even before the weekend.

This is a long list – and the best part, this isn’t even all of it:

  • Pre-framing your subject so you blow out any negative beliefs or agendas before you even start the conversation, meeting or presentation
  • Installing positive beliefs so your audience quickly comes round to your way of thinking
  • Generating massive motivation by eliciting values for groups and individuals and binding them to what you want them to do
  • Setting expectations in a way that people give you what you want
  • Controlling the frames of a conversation so it only goes where you want it to, whilst still letting your subject have the illusion of control
  • Long and short versions of “redefine patterns” giving you complete control and flexibility with how you apply your hypnotic language patterns
  • Using body language and tone of voice to control and switch conversations – creating smooth transition towards what YOU want to talk about, even if the subjects are wildly different
  • Using stories to covertly blow out fear of failure so you can get people to want to do more for you without worrying
  • Using stories to covertly set up time distortions and create huge motivations for a compelling future as well as blowing out past results that are holding them back.
  • The conversational belief destroyer pattern that takes away unhelpful beliefs
  • Covertly sensitizing individuals and groups so you can pick the most useful trance to put them in when you need to
  • The key components to making trance work so people go into the trance you want them in quickly and easily
  • Peripheral vision to control your negative emotions
  • Developing your sensory acuity to become a human lie detector
  • Techniques to increase your reading speed to over 1000 words a minute

As I said, this is just a partial list.

The rest I will share tomor-

Oh, The Heck With It – Here’s The Rest Of It!

You may want to print this out and circle the ones you want most:

  • Shift your body language to change a train of thought – helping people focus on what you want them to focus on
  • Creating anticipations loops to get your audience to hang on your every word
  • Using a personality profiling model to find people’s deepest unconscious values and desires and then dramatically motivate them by binding those desires to what you want them to do
  • How to develop your sensory acuity using values based questions
  • Learning how you can use any question asked of you to just supply what you want to tell them
  • Pacing and leading people to redirect their focus whilst making them feel it was their choice
  • Using sneaky body language tricks to build control and rapport with your audience
  • The secret of how to practice so you accelerate your hypnotic language skills development
  • Giving people the illusion of choice while staying completely in control
  • A tried and tested process to get a group to do almost anything for you
  • Using pacing and leading statements to covertly drop people into deep trance

PLUS these:

  • Using presuppositional questions to direct a conversation
  • An agreement frame that drops people into trance and motivates them to your goals
  • An anchoring exercise to create an irresistible, unstoppably persuasive personality
  • Using metaphors to covertly induce trance and install motivation to do what you want
  • One-line generic anticipation loops to use with people to instantly have them desperate to hear more from you. From these few examples you will be able to generate hundreds more that are more specific to your world and your applications
  • A process to embed commands in the middle of an anticipation loop so you are embedding covert post hypnotic suggestions
  • How to stack the deck, so whatever choice your subject makes they are always moving in your direction

Thursday Can’t Get Here Soon Enough…

I haven’t even gotten into the bonuses I’ve talked Rintu into adding.

Saving those for tomorrow.

Only so much “awesome” fits into one day.

See you tomorrow!



My Saab Story – Or, Persuading Those In Authority To Do Your Bidding, Like A Boss

My Saab Story – Or, Persuading Those In Authority To Do Your Bidding, Like A Boss

Persuading those in authority to do what you want them to do is the difference between zooming along through life, or having a sob story to tell about how the world’s out to screw you.

Well, I had a sob story.  Actually, a Saab story.

My Saab Had ME Throttled Because
The Damn Thing Kept Breaking Down

For the third time, the throttle body assembly failed on me and the engine just quit. They replaced the throttle body again, but I was concerned the car was not really fixed since the problem had occurred 3 times in the row, it couldn’t be the part.

Clearly, something else was wrong with the car.


What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 1

What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 1

persuasion rintu basu part01

Dear Seeker of Success,

In less than three days (on Thursday at Noon Pacific, to be precise) Rintu Basu and I will be revealing something awesome….

Something that will help you to:

  • Use powerful hypnotic training concepts to consciously learn covert persuasion skills – while also suddenly finding yourself using them in everyday situations;
  • Discover the one distinction that many “wannabe” hypnotists completely fail to grasp – this will allow you to drop people into a deep hypnotic trance within seconds every time;
  • Dramatically increase your persuasive ability to getting the woman, the job and the sale within minutes of getting started;
  • And much, much more!

Do I have your attention?


Now let’s explore

Who Will Benefit Most From This Offering?

In short: everybody.

Folks familiar with NLP and hypnotic persuasion techniques will find that the approach, the content, and the way it is applied to be subtly different from more traditional approaches.

For beginners, this is an ideal structure be,cause you can learn advanced material without the need for a steep learning curve.

This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Leaders – Drop your audience into trance, and sell them into your vision within minutes using just your tone of voice and a simple hypnotic language pattern (if you like Sexual Sonics™ from The New Code, this adds a new dimension;
  • Flirters, Daters and Speed Seducers – Capture and lead women’s imaginations to new emotional heights and create irresistible states of attraction toward you
  • Law and Policy Enforcers – Use sensory acuity and conversation management techniques to become a “human lie detector”
  • Job Seekers – Use your body language to take “covert control” of the interview
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Use anchoring to develop an irresistibly persuasive personality that pulls clients like bees to honey
  • Marketers – Use “thought binds” to link your prospect’s imaginations to your products and services so they are screaming with the “hot and bothered” desire to buy now
  • Teachers – Blow out unhelpful beliefs in your students using comfort zones and learning curve metaphors so they assimilate your content five times faster than normal – whatever you are teaching

With all that in mind,

Are You Now Starting To See The Possibilities For Yourself?


Now picture for yourself how you will feel to have a world-class hypnotic persuasion skills trainer like Rintu Basu on tap…

…who is prepared to demonstrate every pattern first on you, then on others so you can watch the impact and also deconstruct exactly what he is doing so you can put it back together in a way that you can immediately go and use it!

And keep picturing it, for

Tomorrow, We’ll Get Into The “Nuts And Bolts” That Make The Machine Purr And Roar!

Watch this space and watch your e-mail.

Be the very first to dive in the moment Part 2 is posted.

You want to be at the head of THIS class.



Cheated, Bankrupt, Ready To Die

Cheated, Bankrupt, Ready To Die

Dear Seeker of Success,

Please read this man’s true story.

If it doesn’t inspire you (it brought me to tears) then I have bad news: you’re dead.

Here it is:

Hello Genius,

Ross, in this Christmas eve, I just thought to take sometime to express my gratitude.

After my MBA graduation, while I was searching for a job. My father passed away… my childhood-close-friend cheated me in business… & he was found dead in a railway track… & I lost all the money I had & further I went in debt… & I don’t know how, but I lost all my (school & college) certificate somewhere – without which I wont get a job…

I guess, you know how bad it would be, if any one of the above happens in a person’s life. But for me it all happened one after the other within a month or two. It wasn’t pleasant. And you know what a hopeless & bankrupt person will think to do about his life…

But now, I have a decent job in Bangalore (Rs.33,000+ allowances /month – which is very rare even for someone with certificates in India) I got without any of the original certificates but with the help of the Persuasion seminar.

And I am emotionally stable with the help of meditation & magick practices I learned from you & Shinzen Young.

You changed the way I walk across the face of the earth.

Merry Christmas Ross!

Vishnu (From a small village)
Kerala, IN

PS: You can share this anywhere. Everything including my name & place are real.

I have nothing witty or even halfway clever to say.

I’m just going to grab my kitty cats, lay under the covers, and soak this all in.



P.S. Got a success story for me? Please help me spread the word.

Email me at

Mighty Mind Manipulations

Mighty Mind Manipulations

mighty-mind-manipulationsDear Persuasion Master In Training,

Whenever I mention “manipulation” in my persuasion teachings or NLP training,  I can see, with great delight, the squirming and teeth-gnashing amongst the toothless and clawless minions of mediocrity who really don’t have a clue about how useful, good and yes, inevitable “manipulation” can be.

(Could it be that they have been “manipulated” in a disempowering way to have a knee-jerk, autopilot response to a term and concept they never stopped to examine and clarify?  Do bears shit in the woods?)

Listen:  to me, “manipulation” simply means….

To Move With Skill And Effective Action

When a surgeon uses his knife to cut out a tumor, he’s manipulating that instrument in a life saving manner.

When a fireman pulls a child from a burning building, he’s manipulating the kid out of harm’s way and in to safety.

But the large reality is this: if we define “manipulation” as moving with skill and effectiveness….then language itself is “manipulative”.

Language creates meaning and structures consciousness.  The terms and words in which we are taught to think set the limits and the structures of that thinking.

If You Are Using Language,
You Cannot NOT Manipulate

You are going to move the thoughts and emotions of people whenever you open your mouth, one way or the other.

The question is: will you do it in an autopilot fashion that doesn’t work for you and that triggers an auto-pilot response that doesn’t work for them either.

Am I suggesting that people run on “auto pilot” and their first reponse to your pitch, proposal, offer may actually not be what serves them? And that “manipulating” them into seeing a new possibility and a broader range of what could satisfy them is not only possible, but actually a good thing to do?

You bet your ass.

You bet your ass.

You bet your ass.

We’ll Be Teaching (And Discussing)
This A Great Deal More

But for now I’d like to ask: have you ever “manipulated” anyone and felt good about it? Has anyone ever “manipulated” you in a way that acted to your benefit?

Go out and influence your world,


P.S. If you still don’t think manipulation is valuable, hold out one of your hands. Now look at your thumb.  It’s a major aspect of what makes humans the rulers of this planet.

Why? Because it allows us to manipulate objects and make tools.  The thumb, working in opposition to and yet in co-operation with the fingers allows us to grasp our world, instead of being in the world’s grasp.

So if you don’t believe in manipulation, cut off your thumbs.  And then see where it gets you.


Beer and Pink Tuna: Never Be Commoditized!

Beer and Pink Tuna: Never Be Commoditized!

Never, ever, EVER compete on price alone.  You must attach massive consequences to any buyer decision based on “cheap”.

Now, what if your product or service is as commoditized as beer or canned tuna?

Watch these crazy, awesome marketing position manoeuvres – a snippet from the Speed Marketing® videos that are instant-access bonuses when you claim your MindFrame Persuasion “Learn At Home” Course:






This morning, as I scanned the handouts from the “Total Immersion” Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp On-Demand Course, my cat Tazzleberry commandeered my laptop and found a video on purr-suasion.

In her feline way, she was showing me why persuasion mastery is so important – without claiming “win with words” puppet-master skills, here’s what it’s like trying to get what you need and want in life:

(he he he – yes this video is from The Discovery Channel)





The False Profession Of Ignorance and Presuppositions

The False Profession Of Ignorance and Presuppositions

At Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp, one of the topics we learned is called “The False Profession Of Ignorance”.

Watch this clip on the topic, and combining it with presuppositions:

Look: as I have emphasized, when you go to persuade in print or in person, these days peoples’ minds aren’t just shut tight, they are welded shut.

Now, I don’t know just exactly which of the insights of this clip can cause you to recognize the power of the teaching in a way that truly excites you at the prospect of the power to blast right through all that and go directly to the suggestible, child-like part of anyone’s mind.

But I’m excited to be sharing this life changing information in a way that really makes a difference for people, with genuine gratitude.

Peace, piece, and persuade pervasively,


P.S. For a limited time, grab yourself a copy of the footage!


Control Their Frames/Pry Open Their Wallets

Control Their Frames/Pry Open Their Wallets

Dear Persuasion Mastery Students and Fans,

pry-open-their-wallets-ross-jeffries-persuasionNowadays, when it comes to persuasion, you are either going to sink or soar, with very little room in between.

Here’s why:

Humans are, by nature, meaning-making creatures.

Consciously and otherwise, we seek to find out what things mean.

“Will this be harmful or will it be hurtful?”

“Can I trust this person or not?”

“Will I lose or will I gain?”

And perhaps most importantly….

“Is This An Attempt To Sell Me, Or A Powerful
Learning And Needed Education?”

Here’s the bad news:

Nowadays, no matter what media in which you communicate, your prospects will, at least 90% of the time, quickly and automatically see you through a frame of skepticism, distraction, doubt, even boredom.

And even if they start out in a more positive frame, it’s very likely they will slip into the “deal killing” frames of mind quite quickly, due to factors you have yet to learn about and don’t know how to control.

I don’t care how things used to work for you.

That was before the bank failures and bail outs.

That was before people started going broke in record numbers due to fraudulent investments.

That was before the huge growth of social media that bombards your prospects every second with so many marketing messages and so much distraction that even the best of them have the attention span and focus of a 10 year old.

(Why do you think that Youtube ads are less than 15 seconds long and always come with the option to skip the ad in 5 seconds?)

What Do You Think You Can Do
To Change All This?

How might you go about – in seconds – creating the frame that the very act of listening/watching/reading your message is something that they WANT to pay attention to, because the very act of doing it is of super-high value?

Free 15 minute Skype consult to the (in my estimation) best answer posted here (winner will be selected on February 13 at Noon Pacific and will receive an email).

Peace and piece,


P.S. Among the many incredible skills you’ll acquire inside the Persuasion Mastery “Total Immersion” Boot Camp Video Series is learning how to master the art of “conversational reframing” to diffuse any and all objections and come out on top, almost every time!