Mighty Mind Manipulations

mighty-mind-manipulationsDear Persuasion Master In Training,

Whenever I mention “manipulation” in my persuasion teachings or NLP training,  I can see, with great delight, the squirming and teeth-gnashing amongst the toothless and clawless minions of mediocrity who really don’t have a clue about how useful, good and yes, inevitable “manipulation” can be.

(Could it be that they have been “manipulated” in a disempowering way to have a knee-jerk, autopilot response to a term and concept they never stopped to examine and clarify?  Do bears shit in the woods?)

Listen:  to me, “manipulation” simply means….

To Move With Skill And Effective Action

When a surgeon uses his knife to cut out a tumor, he’s manipulating that instrument in a life saving manner.

When a fireman pulls a child from a burning building, he’s manipulating the kid out of harm’s way and in to safety.

But the large reality is this: if we define “manipulation” as moving with skill and effectiveness….then language itself is “manipulative”.

Language creates meaning and structures consciousness.  The terms and words in which we are taught to think set the limits and the structures of that thinking.

If You Are Using Language,
You Cannot NOT Manipulate

You are going to move the thoughts and emotions of people whenever you open your mouth, one way or the other.

The question is: will you do it in an autopilot fashion that doesn’t work for you and that triggers an auto-pilot response that doesn’t work for them either.

Am I suggesting that people run on “auto pilot” and their first reponse to your pitch, proposal, offer may actually not be what serves them? And that “manipulating” them into seeing a new possibility and a broader range of what could satisfy them is not only possible, but actually a good thing to do?

You bet your ass.

You bet your ass.

You bet your ass.

We’ll Be Teaching (And Discussing)
This A Great Deal More

But for now I’d like to ask: have you ever “manipulated” anyone and felt good about it? Has anyone ever “manipulated” you in a way that acted to your benefit?

Go out and influence your world,


P.S. If you still don’t think manipulation is valuable, hold out one of your hands. Now look at your thumb.  It’s a major aspect of what makes humans the rulers of this planet.

Why? Because it allows us to manipulate objects and make tools.  The thumb, working in opposition to and yet in co-operation with the fingers allows us to grasp our world, instead of being in the world’s grasp.

So if you don’t believe in manipulation, cut off your thumbs.  And then see where it gets you.