The False Profession Of Ignorance and Presuppositions

At Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp, one of the topics we learned is called “The False Profession Of Ignorance”.

Watch this clip on the topic, and combining it with presuppositions:

Look: as I have emphasized, when you go to persuade in print or in person, these days peoples’ minds aren’t just shut tight, they are welded shut.

Now, I don’t know just exactly which of the insights of this clip can cause you to recognize the power of the teaching in a way that truly excites you at the prospect of the power to blast right through all that and go directly to the suggestible, child-like part of anyone’s mind.

But I’m excited to be sharing this life changing information in a way that really makes a difference for people, with genuine gratitude.

Peace, piece, and persuade pervasively,


P.S. For a limited time, grab yourself a copy of the footage!