What Rintu Basu And I Have in Store For You, Part 1

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Dear Seeker of Success,

In less than three days (on Thursday at Noon Pacific, to be precise) Rintu Basu and I will be revealing something awesome….

Something that will help you to:

  • Use powerful hypnotic training concepts to consciously learn covert persuasion skills – while also suddenly finding yourself using them in everyday situations;
  • Discover the one distinction that many “wannabe” hypnotists completely fail to grasp – this will allow you to drop people into a deep hypnotic trance within seconds every time;
  • Dramatically increase your persuasive ability to getting the woman, the job and the sale within minutes of getting started;
  • And much, much more!

Do I have your attention?


Now let’s explore

Who Will Benefit Most From This Offering?

In short: everybody.

Folks familiar with NLP and hypnotic persuasion techniques will find that the approach, the content, and the way it is applied to be subtly different from more traditional approaches.

For beginners, this is an ideal structure be,cause you can learn advanced material without the need for a steep learning curve.

This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Leaders – Drop your audience into trance, and sell them into your vision within minutes using just your tone of voice and a simple hypnotic language pattern (if you like Sexual Sonics™ from The New Code, this adds a new dimension;
  • Flirters, Daters and Speed Seducers – Capture and lead women’s imaginations to new emotional heights and create irresistible states of attraction toward you
  • Law and Policy Enforcers – Use sensory acuity and conversation management techniques to become a “human lie detector”
  • Job Seekers – Use your body language to take “covert control” of the interview
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Use anchoring to develop an irresistibly persuasive personality that pulls clients like bees to honey
  • Marketers – Use “thought binds” to link your prospect’s imaginations to your products and services so they are screaming with the “hot and bothered” desire to buy now
  • Teachers – Blow out unhelpful beliefs in your students using comfort zones and learning curve metaphors so they assimilate your content five times faster than normal – whatever you are teaching

With all that in mind,

Are You Now Starting To See The Possibilities For Yourself?


Now picture for yourself how you will feel to have a world-class hypnotic persuasion skills trainer like Rintu Basu on tap…

…who is prepared to demonstrate every pattern first on you, then on others so you can watch the impact and also deconstruct exactly what he is doing so you can put it back together in a way that you can immediately go and use it!

And keep picturing it, for

Tomorrow, We’ll Get Into The “Nuts And Bolts” That Make The Machine Purr And Roar!

Watch this space and watch your e-mail.

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You want to be at the head of THIS class.



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