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From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, Renegade Influence Expert and Master Persuasion Trainer

Dear Soon-To-Be Invincible Influencer,

If your interest goes beyond mind-blowing theory – and you also want to learn real-world practical applications (that could make you a ton of money), then claiming your access to my "Persuasion In Action" video series...

...Could Well Be The Best Decision You Will Ever Make!

Here’s why: It’s true, that you’ll be receiving tremendous value by watching me share stuff like….

  • How To Present As An Absolute, Unquestionable and Awesome Authority In The World Of Your Client/Prospect
  • How To Effortlessly Leverage The Power Of The Willing Suspension Of Disbelief Through Unconscious Process Recognition
  • How To Use Presuppositions And Suggestions To Bind Your Prospect’s Mind To Build “Action Momentum”, So Every Word You Write Or Say Drives Them To Take Action... Now... Just As You’ve Suggested!

But I think what you’ll find even more valuable (and the most useful) are….

The Fascinating “Persuasion In Action” Student Hot Seats Where I Demonstrate Live, How The Theory Works In Action

Watch as I apply hypnotic language to this student’s website’s call-to-action:

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That’s right: you’ll get to watch me tearing apart and rewriting student landing pages, web videos, and even interoffice memos, piling on virtually every hypnotic language tool and trick I know, including stuff I maybe shouldn’t have taught. 🙂

Why is this so important to you?

It’s really quite simple: you’ll get word-for-word language that you can immediately “steal” and put to use to start making money and getting your results in any context, as soon as you claim your instant access to your “Persuasion In Action” video collection.

Here’s what else the students learned, and what you’ll get, as soon as you hit the “Claim Yours Now” button:

  • How To Use "Process Language" To Present The Illusion Of Being A Trusted And Unquestionable Authority In Your Audience/Prospects' World
  • The False Profession Of Ignorance – Your #1 Key Tool To Set Up And Open Up Your Prospect's Mind To Suspend Disbelief And Want To Be Convinced By Your Words
  • How To Bind Your Prospect's Mind To Do What You Say (And Do It NOW!)
  • How To Embed "Recursive Thought Loops" That Compel Instant Compliance With Each And Every Word You Write Or Speak
  • The Real World, Most Effective Way To Learn And Use The Combined Power Of Embedded Commands, Presuppositions And Vague Language (When You Line All Of These Up, You Create A Virtual Persuasion Nuclear Weapon That Annihilates Any And All Resistance)
  • How To Master The Art Of "Conversational Reframing" To Diffuse Any And All Objections And Come Out On Top, Almost Every Time (Let’s Face It; There’s Always Going To Be People Who Don’t Buy, But That Will Become A Much Smaller Group Once You Learn These Techniques)
  • And much, much more in this structured immersion training that gives you skills you can put to use right away!

To Further Boost Your "Win With Words" Persuasion Power, You Get More Than Just Videos... You Also Get:

  • PDF Scans of the pattern-packed action handouts from all 3 days of the training so you can follow along
  • My "Four Super Patterns" – start gaining success using these, before you even fully understand how they work
  • PLUS, my Top Secret Private Note Sheet (with my handwritten notes) with even more persuasion power!
  • AND, a second Top Secret "Objection Destroyers" Note Sheet that I created right in the room!

What’s more, all video modules come with MP3 audio versions so you can listen to them all day long.

Now, THAT is Total Immersion!

What's Your Investment To Claim This "Persuasion In Action" Video Collection?

When you stop to consider that for the first time ever, you’ll not only get the system, but also see the master himself applying it to real-world situations, I think you can find your own reasons to convince yourself why this is of such value to you.

That said, your investment today is $497 available ONLY because you just read my blog or e-mail, the “introductory” price of $197) when you claim your access now.

(And, I can even offer you a super-easy installment plan that spreads your payments out over 3 months.)

Plus, you are protected by…

One Final Thought Before You Make Your Choice To Claim Your Access Now

Remember: not only am I’m guaranteeing you’ll at least triple your bottom-line closing, sales, and conversions. I’m taking out all the risk by guaranteeing your results for one full year.

And remember this too: this isn’t just theory (although the theory is unbelievably powerful).

This footage is unique because for the first time ever, you get to watch example after example of how it powerfully works in every format: web videos, landing pages, interoffice memos, the works. That’s how you write a letter.

So claim your access and begin your journey to persuasion super-stardom NOW!

“Let's Do This Ross! I'm Not Letting This Pass Me By... Let Me In, Right Now! (While It Remains Available)”

Just go here to claim your instant access now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online signup process):


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If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail or call (323) 252-1531 [use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

Peace and see you inside,


Ross Jeffries
Author, Subtle Words that Sell

P.S. Remember, you can break it up into 3 payments to make it even a better deal.

Just e-mail if you have any questions or need assistance claiming your access.

P.S. Listen: might already be pretty good using what you already know to influence, persuade, or sell. But I can assure you, unless you are already in my Inner Circle of private clients, you don’t know THIS stuff.